Friday, March 27, 2009

Teeth and Feet

Last week I was able to bring my new friend (and dental hygienist) Brenda to visit 2 homes and check out the kiddos teeth. We were able to examine over 50 kids teeth. About 12 have urgent things that need to be taken care of- large cavities, teeth that need to be extracted or extreme cleaning. Many of the others need a routine cleaning. Our next project is going to be to get them all into the clinic. This Friday the first group will go and the rest will follow over the next few weeks. Most of these children don't have access to proper tooth brushing supplies and have never seen a dentist. For the most part they enjoyed their check ups, but a few needed coaxing.

A few days later Ashley and I delivered and fit all the kids at Childcare Foundation with new shoes and socks.

Joshua and Beyen showing off their new shoes.

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Debbie said...

I bet those socks and shoes feel very comfortable after wearing flip flops all the time! I love reading about all the wonderful things you are doing! Do we need to collect tooth brushes/tooth paste for the kids?