Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Barvor's eyes.

Barvor is 7 years old. He and his younger sister, Korpu, were brought to one of our orphanage homes because their parents could not care for them anymore. Barvor's mother is blind and his father has mental health issues. Last year when ORR recognized that Barvor was having trouble with his eyes he was taken to a local eye clinic. He was diagnosed with glaucoma, high pressure in the eyes. There is no cure for glaucoma, but it can be treated with medication. If left untreated the high pressure in the eye will cause permanent damage and blindness. A few weeks ago I carried Barvor back to the eye clinic for a check up. His eyes have not changed. He will have to remain on eye drops for the rest of his life. Under any circumstances this would be a horrible diagnosis for a 7 year old. No child wants to be different. The fact that Barvor lives in an orphanage in Liberia complicates things even more. The medication is available here and by American standards not too expensive. However, it can be difficult for the the orphanage staff to obtain it and spend the money on medicine for one child instead of food for all the children in the home. Barvor is a sweet and shy boy. He tends to hide towards the back of the pack, but is quick to respond to a smile or a hug. I am working with the caregivers at his home, trying to impress upon them the importance of following through with Barvor's eye care. Please join me in praying for this precious, gentle boy.

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