Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The New Blue Chair.

A brand new BLUE wheelchair!
Can a boy ask for anything else?
Buster is 9 years old and has the most contagious smile. He is not able to use his legs due to contractions, weakness and underdevelopment. Last December he received a new customized walker from Monrovia Rehab Center (MRC). I was privileged to carry him back for a check up last week. The staff at MRC was happy to see his progress. Buster has been practicing walking with his walker and can get around fairly well. However, he often tires out and requires a wheelchair to maneuver some of the spaces around the orphanage home. The wheelchair that he had been using for years was too old, too big and recently both of the front wheels broke. This left Buster isolated and relying on the other kids at the home to help him get around. What a blessing that MRC had just the right "Buster sized" chair for him. He couldn't stop smiling as he tried out his new wheels. Buster was greeted by excited cheers from the other children as he wheeled around the corner at the orphanage in his new blue chair.
Watch out Liberia, there is no stopping him now!

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Andy's Bethy said...

I have been looking at this picture for days (on my blogger dashboard) and kept meaning to come "drop in" and read the rest of the story. That is an absolutely amazing picture. He takes my breath away.
Just beautiful...