Monday, March 9, 2009

5 months of rice and sun.

March marks 5 months that I have been in Liberia. That is 5 months of eating rice and spice, soaking in the sun, sweating like a pig, living with no running water and only a few hours of electricity each day and loving on some really great kids. And believe it or not, I would not change a minute of it!

I was looking at some pictures from when I first arrived in October and was amazed at the changes I noticed. In both the pictures below I am holding the same boy, (Mulbah who has also changed in the last 5 months).

This is like one of those games in a child's magazine when you count the differences between the 2 pictures.

Mulbah and I in October

Mulbah and I last week.

When my friend Cramer saw these pics he said "Man, Deb you are dropping the LB's in the L-I-B!"
I will be buying my ticket home this week. At this point my plan is to head home in early May and then return to Liberia in September. Thanks to everyone for all the support, encouragement and prayers over the last 5 months.


andysbethy said...

I noticed the sunglasses... are those the same ones on top of your head in both pictures? Because if they are, I am really impressed. I lose them way too fast - which is why I now only buy the $2 pairs from Big Lots - I will be really impressed with you if you have kept them for five months straight!
You look fabulous! Blessings my friend.

ineed2talk said...

I can`t wait to see you when you come back in May!!! I can tell that you are really enjoying being in Liberia!!! I want to go there some day!!!


Carey said...

Will you be anywhere need Wisconsin when you come home in May?