Sunday, October 12, 2008


Tonight we fixed tacos for dinner, beef, beans, guacamole carrots and all. Veggies are the tricky thing around here and all we could find were red peppers and carrots so that is what we used and you know what? They were AWESOME!!! Yum. :-)

Yesterday our team mate Jen, was in a car accident. The brakes went out on our truck. The truck hit a van filled with 15 people and 2 of our guards were in the truck with Jen. The good news- no one was hurt. yeah! The bad news- that brings our vehicle total to ZERO. This will be an interesting week with 5 team members, 5 different projects and agendas and no vehicles.

The night club next door, Menitama, is hosting the Miss ELWA pageant practices. What does that mean for me? 7 nights a week of hearing the same 6 songs played at different volumes, incomplete and with a fuzzy sound system and dozens of cheering Liberians trying to climb our wall to watch. We all climbed up on the well to peak over the wall the other day and watched for a bit as 8 pageant princesses walked back and forth in front of a full length mirror. . .over and over and over. The rumor is the pageant finals are not until November 29th. That means 6 more weeks of Love is Wicked.

You have heard the line "Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!" The ORR house version of that is "Mice and Spiders and Ants... oh fun!" There has been an ongoing mouse problem at the house for a while. That has lead to multiple creative ways to rid the house of them. I will save the details and just say "Mice hockey anyone?" The fire ants out in the yard have been becoming quite annoying. This has led to "Ants Death 1, 2, and 3." (I will refer you to Cramers blog for the play by play videos, the link to his blog is on mine as "Ave of the Cramericas.") I will leave you with the following picture of a spider in our house. It is on the living room wall and that is my size 8 foot in the pic for scale. (I think I should get some props for overcoming my fear and sacrificing my foot for the photo op.)

Until next time. . .

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Tabitha Ruth said...

Sammy wants to make sure you squashed the spider after taking the picture. LoL