Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Clean, Scrub and Slather

Today we had an all out clean em, scrub em, slather em in goop day at one of our more needy orphanages. Ashley and I scrubbed about 30 children from head to toe and then applied medicine for either scabies or ringworm. There had been an outbreak of both. After the scrubbing and slathering all the kiddos were fitted with a brand new, clean pair of underwear. We also assisted in ridding them of their old worn and filthy mattresses from the floor with brand new ones that they had stacked up in the store room. Now with them clean and sleeping in a clean area I hope they will be more healthy and happy. I know I am. It was a very rewarding day.

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Anna said...

I would have died on the spot had I seen a spider that large on the wall! I'm so proud of you for putting your foot on the line for all of us to see how LARGE it was next to your small foot!