Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gifty's Big Day!

Wednesday was a big day for Gifty!
Our precious girl was finally discharged from the hospital. She obviously has chronic issues that are not going away until she can get the surgery she needs (keep praying!), but the doctor decided that she is eating well, growing stronger and infection free so she can have a little freedom. We picked her up from the hospital and drove straight to the feeding program for a weigh-in. She actually weighed the same as last week, but her belly is smaller and her checks are fatter so that is a good sign.

Gifty loves the Plumpy'nut!

After getting another week's worth of the good stuff we headed to the orphanage home to get Gifty settled in. All the other children were happy to see her back. Now we start a new phase in Gifty's care, keeping her healthy and getting her stronger. I will be checking on her daily for a while to see how she is adjusting. When I stopped by the orphanage today for a visit she was happy and fever free.

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