Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby Girl Gifty

Baby girl Gifty continues to fight for her life in the hospital. As I mentioned before, she has been back in the hospital since last Thursday. Her lung infection progressed into pneumonia and she is now on her second round of antibiotics covering a wide range of possibilities, including pertusis (whooping cough). She has also been getting breathing treatments as needed. I have been visiting her every few days. Despite her lung issues she is looking better and getting stonger. Yesterday was the first time I saw her sitting up on her own. She is eating well and gaining weight. Each time I see her I fall more in love, she is wrapping me up!

Gifty last Thursday, just before we had to get her readmitted to the hospital.

Gifty on Wednesday (with Uncle Andrew), looking better.

We continue to pray for a miracle for this precious girl. There are a couple families that have come forward, willing to adopt her. At this time it is just waiting for red tape and paper work to go through. (ORR is not personally involved with the adoption process. We are, however, supporting Gifty in everyway we can until that happens.)

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