Thursday, April 23, 2009

Korpu Walks!

I am rejoicing! Korpu took 8 steps without help. For most 3 year olds that would not be impressive, but for Korpu it is momentous. When ORR first met Korpu she was severely malnourished and required hospitalization. Over a year later she was well fed and growing, but still not walking on her own. In March I brought her to be evaluated by a Physicians Assistant (PA) at Monrovia Rehab Center (MRC). He fitted her with insoles to help stabilize her feet and encouraged lots of practice walking. Over the last 5 weeks the caregivers and older children in the orphanage have taken turns helping her walk in the home, down the hill, around the well, through the football field. . .anywhere they could.

I was visiting the home last week, preparing to take Korpu back to MRC for a re-evaluation. I sat down near where she was standing and tried to get her to walk to me. She stood there by herself for at least 15 minutes before she finally psyched herself up for it. I looked over just as she took one shaky step, then another. Building confidence and speed, as all children do as they are learning to walk, she closed the distance between us. What a victory! She walked some more for me as we waited at MRC and then again for the PA. He was very happy with her progress and said as long as she continues to gain strength and walk, they do not need to see her again at MRC.

Soon we will be chasing her all over the place and not be able to slow her down. I can't wait!

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Andy's Bethy said...

She sure is a cutie! I'm glad to hear that she is making such improvements. She will be wearing you out before you know it!