Monday, April 20, 2009

Movie Night

This evening was movie night at Fatu's orphanage home. Cramer and Mariel have been meeting with the older kids there over the last few months. All the kids were given an opportunity to share the story of their life (how they came to the orphanage, what their life it like there, what their hopes and dreams are for the future etc.) on video. Cramer put them all together and tonight was the premier. We used a sheet for a screen, borrowed a projector from a friend, took the generator from our house and don't forget the cookies, popcorn and candy. During the showing of the kids video Ashley and I attempted to entertain the smaller children. After a few rounds of the Hokey Pokey and Father Abraham they were pretty antsy and curious about what the big kids were doing. I have to admit it was a bit exhausting, but overall they did pretty good. From what I heard, the kids in the video really enjoyed watching themselves on the big screen. After the kids video we brought in all the small ones and everyone watched a Veggie Tales video. Everyone loved it. When I walked in the room all I could see were wide eyes glued to the screen. Ma Mary was sitting next to me and watching and giggling along with all the kids. At one point I heard her exclaim "Ah-ha" and realized she had just recognized the Veggie Tales storyline from the Bible. The kids had seen a Veggie Tales before, but it was still a treat for them. But for the Liberian kids it is not a Cucumber and a Tomato, it is a Pumpkin and a Bitterball (common Liberian veggies). All in all it was a great evening and fun was had by all.

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