Saturday, July 30, 2011

sweet Emmie

Today I met a precious girl. I hugged her. I tried to find a smile. I cut off all her hair.

Emmie is about six years old. She was dropped off at an orphanage this week after her step-mother put a chemical on her head which caused serious burns over most of her scalp. The only reason to do so was to cause her harm. There were other reports of abuse as well, so another family member brought her to the orphanage and begged for help. She is in a safe place now.

When I found her today, her big sad eyes showed her confusion and fear. As I tried to examine her scalp she burst into tears, afraid of further pain and the unknown. As I cut off her hair, trying to assess the damage, she stiffened and jumped at each touch. I applied soothing ointment and covered the wounds with clean dressings but the wounds on her heart run deeper.

Please join us in prayer for sweet Emmie today.
Thank you. 

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