Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have been holding off on writing this post because I don't know how to ask, but today I am just going to do it.

I met a woman named Oretha about a month ago. She is related to my driver, Joseph. When I met her she had just arrived in town from her village up-country and she was looking for help.

As you can see, Oretha has a pretty significant goiter (in case you don't know, simply put, a goiter is the thyroid gland gone wild). Thankfully it is not painful, but as you can imagine it is not comfortable either. If it continues to grow it can cause problems with swallowing and eventually with breathing.

I wasn't even sure if this kind of surgery was available in Liberia. I sent Oretha to a local clinic where they referred her to a doctor that does do the surgery. She should be scheduled for surgery now. The problem is money. The cost of the surgery is $450 USD and 3 units of blood. (Yep, in Liberia you have to provide your own blood.)

Up to this point the family has not asked for any money. They have taken Oretha to all the doctors appointments, x-rays, and lab tests. They have started having family members tested for blood type to see if they can help (unfortunately my blood type is not a match or I would help as well). They are pulling their money together to cover the other hospital costs. But they, or I for that matter, can not afford the $450 for the actual surgery.

This is where my plea comes in. Can you help? I actually feel guilty asking. I feel like I already ask a lot from my friends and family who are already supporting me in my work here. I feel like I should be asking you to send money to help us with our programs or Christmas bundles for the kids. But, Oretha also needs help, and I am not sure what else to do, so I am asking.


vicki is searching said...

I would like to help. Please contact me if funds are still needed. I cannot fulfill the whole request, but can assist.
I would also like to shamelessly use your photo with the boy and the vehicle on my facebook page. Is that possible?

caron said...

Hi Deb! I'll do this! Check your email!

Anonymous said...

Where do we send the money to Deb?

Anonymous said...

Where do we send the money to?