Saturday, January 17, 2009

What is in a name?

The other day as I was walking to the beach I met some adorable children. They had names like Cabbage, Small Sand, SnowWhite and Bunch and it got me to thinking how different names are here than at home. I have never met a Cabbage in America. I have met lots of children working in the orphanages here. There are some names I am familiar with like Stephen, Joeline, and Victoria. And since we are in Liberia, it makes sense that there are also African names- Hawa, Foday, Koiboi. Biblical names are big too, I have met several Moses'. But then there are the names that fall into another category. Names like Blessed, Princess, Mercy, Wonderful, Big Daddy, Small Mother, Maybe, Handful, and Gifty.
And now, since I can and love to share them, I will include some pics of the adorable kiddos I get to work with every week.

Timothy and Jeremiah

Jogtu Koiboi

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