Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby Wonderful

I met Baby Wonderful when I was in Liberia last spring. The first time I saw him he was very sick with pneumonia. A week later after a quick trip to the hospital and a run of antibiotics he was looking much better.

My co-worker (from the good old ICU at Tacoma General) Lisa's daughter had sent along her very own Webkins horse to share with an orphan who did not have any toys. Wonderful was the lucky recipient of her horse. Before I returned to Liberia in October Lisa told me that her daughter kept a framed picture of Baby Wonderful in her room and talked about him often. They were anxious for an update.

I was not able to visit the orphanage home were Wonderful lives until last week. I could not believe how much he had grown! He is the pride and joy of the orphanage director there and seems to be thriving (but a little shy of the camera). He was even running and kicking a soccer ball with the other kids. It was great to see.
So, Lisa and family- this is for you. :-)
(If anyone from TG reads this can you make sure Lisa sees it? Thanks!)

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andysbethy said...

He is precious! I love the names - I never commented on your last post, and I meant to, but Baby Wonderful is just an addition to that idea... what is in a name?
I was so excited when I linked to the ORR blog and noticed that they are working with some people in Benin. When we didn't get Gifty, we were connected with some people from Benin, and are now working to bring home a little girl from there. I was just glad to see that there is a connection there - it seemed a "God thing".