Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Christmas Gift(y)

Gifty has been home in the States for almost a month already! Sorry for the update delay.

Here are a few pics that Ma Heidi sent me. Enjoy them, I know I did!

Listening to music.

Apparently she still does not like to share her food- "that's mine!"
And look at those fat cheeks!

In the hospital in Minnesota having tests done.

She did spend Christmas in the hospital but at least she got to meet Santa, I love that look- "What is that thing?" In the pic with her is her new Pa Dean.


andysbethy said...

She looks fabulous! Thanks for posting these.

Ashley said...

OH MY GOSH! I think I need to take a (freezing) trip to Minnesota before I head back to LIB! Ah!

ineed2talk said...

Wow... those pics are sooo CUTE!!! Gifty is adorable!!! I`m so glad she got to go home.