Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top 5 count-down begins!

I just read about an idea that I love! Over the last 10 days of this year, I am going to re-post some of the most popular blog posts that I've had over the last few years. What a great way to reflect --  this is going to be fun!

#5 - Originally posted December 11, 2010
(This one is appropriate as we are making our Christmas bundle deliveries, including an apple of course, this week.)

"An Apple Means 'I Love You'."

One of my favorite things about Christmas in Liberia is delivering gift bundles to the children. After weeks of planning, collecting, sorting, and wrapping, I get to see the shining smiles of the kids as they open their presents (usually the only one they will receive), try on shoes, and model new clothes. Originally, we included an orange with the Christmas bundles. A piece of fruit seemed to be a smart addition to the other sweets that are often included in Christmas celebrating.

However, last year, that changed. Throughout the year, we noticed that, every time a child was drawing an apple, they would start with a heart shape and add a stem. If we were giving out heart shaped stickers, they would thank us for the “apple” sticker. There seemed to be a distinct connection between apples and hearts. We started to wonder if the children in Liberia see apples as a sign of love, like children in the US see hearts as a sign of love.

To put our theory to the test, we substituted apples for the oranges in the Christmas bundles. At each home, the children’s names were called and bundles distributed so all the children could open their gifts at the same time. As the bundles were opened we started hearing gasps of joy. The gasps were not over the candy, a Hot Wheel car, or new tooth brush; they were for the apples. Faces lit up as children held their apples up to show their friends.

I then asked the kids, “Do you know why we put an apple in your Christmas bundle this year?” At every orphanage, they were quick to reply, “Because an apple means love.” 

They got it! 

Apples are definitely being included in the Christmas bundles again this year.
Follow this link to help spread some apple-love this Christmas.

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