Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celebrating Buster

 A year ago my friend Buster died. Even though Buster didn’t talk much, he was the life of the home. You could always find a smile and a laugh when you were with Buster. The orphanage is not the same without him.

Since the anniversary of his passing was on its way, we (at ORR) decided to honor him by bringing some Buster-sized smiles to the orphanage family he left behind. It was declared “Buster Day"! Our Buster party-pack included smiley face stamps, silly bands, balloons, and a heart shaped craft to remember our love for Buster. And, of course, no party is complete without chocolate biscuits, candy, and juice!

I started out by asking what everyone remembered most about Buster and got a little worried as I was greeted with serious, unsure faces and a few trembling lips. Then an answer came—“Buster loved to sing!” “He loved to dance.” “Buster always loved to smile!”

Everyone enjoyed the Buster Day party. It even ended with a spontaneous sing-a-long in his honor. We may never know why Buster died so early, but thankfully we can always remember the life he brought when he was here.

Miss you buddy!

Buster "Busta Rhymes" Findley
Died June 2010