Friday, April 1, 2011

Barvor's big adventure

On Sunday Barvor is going to start the greatest adventure of his lifetime. He is leaving Liberia for the first time and flying on a “big bird” to the United States for eye surgery.

We have known Barvor for about four years and almost from the very first day have been trying to get him help for his eyes. He has been to several local ‘eye specialists,’ worn special sunglasses, and used daily eye drops. His diagnosis is unclear, but it was clear that nothing more could be done to treat him in Liberia. I thought we had hit the end of the road.

Then we met Michelle Quinn. From the moment she met Barvor over a year ago she has been his greatest advocate. She has been in contact with doctors from all over the globe-- from Dubai to the states-- trying to figure out what could be done to save this boys eye sight.

Finally his day has come. On Sunday afternoon Barvor will be boarding a plane and flying to New York where a doctor and foster family are waiting for him. Due to less than adequate diagnostic equipment in Liberia, no one knows for sure what kind of treatment that Barvor will need. Arrangements have been made for him to stay in the states up to a year for recovery if surgery is required.

Please join us in praying for Barvor. There are many unknowns in the future for him. His biological mother and older brother are already blind. He has already been uprooted and moved to three different homes in the last nine months, now is the biggest move of all.

There are a lot of people to thank for making this opportunity a reality for Barvor. Thank you, Michelle Quinn and Sis Leonora Tucker from the MacDella Cooper Foundation Academy, your vision to help Barvor see is the only way we have reached this point today. Thanks is also due to Donna Barber from Global Orphan Outreach who has facilitated Barvor’s medical VISA, travel arrangements and is accompanying him on his flight to the states. 

(This was originally posted on the Orphan Relief and Rescue blog.) 

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