Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ashley was right...

I miss Momo!

Before I left the ORR house Ashley told me that, believe it or not, in a few weeks I would miss Momo. Momo is our Chief of Security inside the fence. He is a twenty-something Liberian with one glass eye, his own Liberian-English dialect. a country medicine extraordinaire (dry skin? try 'bray fruah,' brake fluid) and constant source of entertainment to the ORR gang. Oh, and he keeps us protected from rogues and the like (when he is not sleeping).

I was doing some work in my yard this afternoon. As I was mowing my lawn I realized how thankful I was to not have to do it the Liberian way- with a cutlass and my own strength. Backbreaking work. As I was using the new blower my dad bought me to rid my deck of leaves, I realized how thankful I was not to have to use an old falling apart broom. These are just a few of the many things Momo and the other guards (Emmanuel and Foday) do for us around the house.

My garbage can was full of water from the last who knows how many months of Western Washington rain. I tipped it over to drain the water and out came a very dead and stinky RAT. As I picked up the garbage and squishy rodent carcass I was really wishing for one of the guards. (I washed my hands at least 5 times and I am pretty sure they still smell like dead rat!) I can't count the times Momo or one the guys would rescue me from a dangerous millipede in the bathroom or a not-quite dead yet mouse in a glue trap.

Other things I miss about the guards- constant hammocking about the yellow book (Monday was payday and I the financial minister), fashion choices (puffy pink coat, crop tanks, girl's striped shirt as leggings, boxers and only boxers, furry hats, t-shirts with hidden messages), 4 am wake-ups from laughter or yelling across the fence, cell phone ring tones, singing along with Menitama, reminders to get more generator fuel (still not sure how that became my responsibility), always (almost) willing to help out, carry my load- whatever the need.

Thanks guys!

Ashley just told me that Momo got a new pair of rollerblades (he calls them skapes). I can't wait to see that!

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Ashley said...

Just so you know...we're sitting on the lobby/bar area at Kendeja using the internet (been down since yesterday at the house) and I just BUSTED out laughing! You just totally made my night. I'm putting your post into a Word document to show Momo. And, I'll get the skape video to you soon. Oh! And you need a new picture of Momo....let's just say, trench coat and furry hat.