Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gifty is going home!

I am happy to announce that tonight Gifty is on a plane heading towards America!

It has been a hard fight against recurring infections, prolonged hospital stays, jumping through hoops for both the Liberian and American governments and piles of paperwork. But all praise to God, Gifty is heading home with her new Mom, Heidi. Gifty was discharged from the hospital last week and was able to stay with Heidi almost the entire time she was here. She has stayed healthy, infection- and fever-free the entire time. Heidi and Gifty bonded instantly, like two pieces of a puzzle - a perfect fit! Gifty will be the baby (and princess) of the family. She is joining 4 older siblings including a 10 year-old brother from Liberia.

(Gifty and her new Ma, Heidi)

Even though she has left Liberia and my care, Gifty has not left my heart. I am going to miss that girl! Her precious smile, squeeky laugh, spunky spirit, kissing her little ears and getting the sideways "do it again" look. I thank God for the opportunity to have been a part of her life even for this short time.

As amazing as all this is (and it is amazing!), it is not the end of the fight for Gifty. Now starts a long and unknown path, hopefully towards the liver transplant that she needs to save her life. Please continue to join in prayer for her and her new family as they adjust to each other and what lies ahead.

Thank you.


andysbethy said...

Oh, Praise be to God! I am just so excited for them. Thank you for keeping us updated.
Blessings, Bethany

Jalitabonita said...

Oh, wow!! I am so amazed at how God just works everything out so well. I'm so glad Heidi didn't have to return without her. You were a gift to doubt!!
Love you Deb!!

Scott said...

That is AWESOME!

glad you were able to share the pic with us!!

Johnson said...

YEAH!!!!!! Praise God!