Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Monday marked the first ever ORR workshop.

The "Raising Healthy Children" workshop was a huge success. About 25 directors and caregivers participated in the workshop.
( Registration table.)
I talked about a number of basic health care related topics- germs, hand washing, cleanliness, common diseases, and first aid. Other topics included nutrition, safety, the importance of raising children to be responsible members of society, and ORR's role in the orphanages we work with. It was great to see the directors "getting it." I saw the light bulbs going on with several of them.
(Teacher Deb - note the awesome Liberian blackboard.)
We were also blessed to have Zeke, a Liberian man who just returned to Liberia after 17 years in America, share and encourage the attendees. His talk received the only spontaneous applause of the day and was very powerful.
(Ashley and I with some of the participants showing off their certificates.)
When it was all over the participants were presented with certificates of completion. This is of great importance in Liberia, they take pride in completing a workshop and will often display their certificate for all to see.

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