Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Golf

If you are wondering how we celebrated Thanksgiving here in Liberia, I can sum it up with one word.


There is a golf course on the Firestone Plantation about an hour drive from our team house. Besides playing Putt-Putt Golf this was a first for me. Most of us were pretty new to the game so we played teams - best ball, which means whoever hit the best ball is the one we played. It still took us 5 hours to play 9 holes! We had a blast but were exhausted after playing out in the heat all day.

Our Liberian caddy, Jesse, has played golf for 11 years. He was very patient with us and tried to give us helpful tips. Which usually resulted in him saying a defeated "No" after each attempt. At one point I told him- "You don't have to tell me no, I know I didn't hit it." I did get a few good drives and a great putt which won me an "I loved that!" from Jesse.

Team "Dark Meat"- Ashley, Andrew and I

After the game we had cheeseburgers at the golf course restaurant and then went home to play dominoes and eat brownies and shortbread which a friend from Mercy Ships had made for us. We even had Christmas napkins to enjoy our goodies with. You need not worry though, I did get a "real" Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday at a friends house- mashed potatoes, stuffing, even pumpkin pie!

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