Monday, January 31, 2011

a picture's worth a thousand words.

Some of my favorite picture moments from the last few months.

Patricia- trying to figure out how to be a teenager, yet still a little girl.

Parachute! - love the colors.

Small Salome.

Lucky and Kebbeh showing off their Christmas dresses.

Merry Christmas Sarah!

Field Day at Fatu's.

Paul with the newest addition to the ORR fleet.

She LOVED her new boots!

Jumping rope with Ma Ruth.


Esteyonage said...

Deb! I didn't even know you had a blog! And then, there it was, on my computer.

I love the new boots foto... c'est tres bien.

Hope all goes well. Ups from Mex.

Amy said...

LOVE the pictures!!!! Funny how they go with your post on Celebrating! :) Love the joy on their beautiful!

Inspector Clouseau said...

It takes a certain special personality, character make-up, and world view for someone to do what you're doing.

Thanks, on behalf of us all.

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